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via Europa n. 2
20881 Bernareggio (MB)
cod. Istituto MIIC8B100C
Infanzia: MIAA8B1019
Villanova: MIEE8B102G
Aicurzio: MIEE8B103L
Oberdan: MIEE8B101E
Sec. I gr.: MIMM8B101D

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The staff
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1st grade secondary school

We divided into some sections what you can be interested in:

  • The school: In this section you can find how the school is and what it offers.
  • Informations: Many useful informations for students and parents
  • The classes: The school classes, with pictures of the students
  • Documents: The school teaching methods
  • The staff: All the school staff. You can reach some teschers with e-mail messages
  • products: hypertexts made by the classes or by single students